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Large 3 Steps Bare Skincare Set- for Oily/Combination Skin (素颜三部曲套装- 适合油/混合性肌肤)
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Enjoy the beauty without makeup

Balance skin oil & moisture content, Revitalising & rejuvenating, Brighten skin tone, Anti-wrinkle, Minimise pores, Lighten pigmentation

Suitable for Oily or Combination Skin types, not recommended for acne prone or oily skin until skin has been treated to a balance oil and moisture condition. Safe for pregnant women, breast-feeding moms

Large set contains:

1. Extreme Balance Lotion/ Toner (150ml)

2. White Youth Essence (35ml)

3. Noble Lady Cream (38g)

2x Mini Balance Toner + 2pc Brightening silk mask + 1x Mini Facial Cleanser + 1x Mini Reverse Time Essence + 1x Mini Reverse Time Cream + 1x Multi-Purpose Facial Cotton + 1x Mini Sunblock SPF30 + 1x Mini Brown Sugar Mask + 1x Mini Makeup Remover*

* Not applicable during promotion period



平衡水油   活颜红润   嫩白抗皱   收缩毛孔   改善色斑

适合肌质:油性/混合性肤质, 除痘痘油性肌外 . 严重痘痘油性肌肤建议等肌肤调理水油平衡后再使用(孕妇,哺乳女性皆可使用)


1. 平衡水 (150ml)

2. 青春浓缩 (白色) 精华素  (35ml)

3. 贵妇美颜膏 (38g)

2x 平衡水小样 + 2片 蚕丝面膜 + 1x 洁面膏小样 + 1x 肌底液小样 + 1x 奇迹面霜小样 + 1x 多功能化妆棉1盒 + 1x 黄糖洁肤面膜小样 + 1x 活肤卸妆水小样*

* 不能与其它促销活动重叠









Newly upgraded formula in year 2020

Contain 150 million concentrated yeast essence

Balance skin sebum and moisture level to perfection

Giving you a translucent, brighter, dewy and delicate skin in just 4 Weeks 


10 times concentrated Yeast Essence

10 major active probiotics

10 major skin care benefits in one bottle with advance innovative formula




配方革新  焕活进阶  1瓶重现通透细腻






Rare & special plant extraction lightening pigmentation, imporve blood circulation for a glowing and healthy fairer skin, French unique five layers penetration formula produces small molecules for easy absorption, nourishing ageing skin, brightening skin colour, leaving you a firmer and smoother skin




A bottle to resolve 8 types skin issue:

1. Dullness  2. Pigmentation  3. Uneven skin tone   4. Acne marks 

5. Roughness  6. Large pores  7. Wrinkles  8. Sagging skin


Hydrolysed Pearl naturally brightens skin tone to splendour,


Hydrolysed Sheep Placenta dissolves aging cuticles and repair damaged skin tissue


Ginseng Extracts removes dead skin cell, promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibre, leaving skin more bouncy tender with lightened pigments

Turritopsis Jellyfish has whitening and anti-wrinkle agent to improve skin color and purifies skin.



轻轻一拍养肤又美颜,隐形瑕疵和毛孔, 自带美颜滤镜的素颜霜, 素颜也那么美!


















Step 1

After cleansing, apply appropriate toner onto your face, gently pat for quick absorption




Step 2

Drip appropriate esssence onto your palm to pre-warm it, then apply onto the face by the way of lifting and massaging 



Step 3

Take green bean-sized cream and dab evenly on the face and gently pat all over the face till fully absorbed. Do not use the cream to rub directly on your face



Tips for using Noble Lady Cream:

When first using this cream, it is recommended to apply 3 days' hydrating mask to moisturize the skin for better nutrients absorption. Do apply hydrating mask 3 times a week for a healthy glowy skin. 


Start applying noble lady cream in a lesser amount, and gradually increase the quantity. Please remember to apply sunblock during day time after noble lady cream for an optimal brightening or whitening effect. Be sure to thoroughly clean your face with makeup remover after long whole day if you put on makeup or sunblock.


Usage method:

Wait until lotion or moisturiser has been absorbed, take an amount of green/ yellow bean size, evenly dot onto your face, then gently pat until fully absorbed. Do not smear out the cream, else it would not be evenly applied.


When you apply sunblock after noble lady cream, do apply sunscreen by evenly pat onto your face, not smearing or rubbing it.

刚用的亲建议先连续做3天补水面膜 (让皮肤水分补足,助于皮肤更好的吸收营养), 以后一星期3次补水面膜!用贵妇膏刚开始用量少点。后面适应了慢慢加量,出门记得在贵妇膏后面加层防晒霜! 白头有化妆或者用了防晒霜的晚上一定药卸妆哦!








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